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We are pleased to introduce Lytec Medical - the latest upgrade to the original Windows-based practice management software.

Lytec is all about saving you time, improving your cash flow, and helping you better manage the business side of your practice. With all of its improvements and new features, Lytec is the practice management solution your office can’t do without!

  • Better accounts receivable management
  • More efficient
  • Improved business analysis
  • More patient-focused

Lytec Medical helps you better manage your accounts receivable.

  • Simplifies insurance claims processing with enhanced electronic claims functionality
  • Identifies patient and insurance balances during appointment scheduling and patient registration helping you manage receivables before they become past due
  • Manages older receivables through improved aging reports making it easy for you to identify problems and take action to collect

Lytec Medical helps make your practice more efficient.

  • Saves time with enhanced appointment scheduling
  • Streamlines the patient screen for easier data entry during patient registration
  • Adds patients to a wait list making it easy to fill canceled appointments
  • Prints address labels for a month’s worth of appointments for reminder cards greatly reducing no-shows

Lytec Medical helps you better analyze your business.

  • Enhanced reporting capability allows you to identify the profitability of your referring physician network
  • Helps identify practice trends through diagnosis and procedure code analysis

Lytec focuses on the patient.

  • Carries patient information throughout the transaction – from scheduling to checkout – saving time by eliminating the need to type and retype the same information again and again.
  • Displays pop-up windows during appointment scheduling reminding you of referrals and authorizations
  • Gives instant access to dates and times for upcoming patient appointments

Lytec MD EMR Package

Lytec 2010 can come bundled with fully integrated electronic medical records (EMR) software. Lytec MD integrates all the great billing and scheduling features of Lytec's billing and scheduling with electronic charts.Click here for more information on Lytec MD EMR Software.


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