PeakPractice System Requirements

Medisoft Minimum Requirements

Medisoft Hardware Requirements

Workstation System Requirements
  • Windows XP Professional or Windows Vista Business 32 Bit Only
  • Internet Explorer version 7
  • 2 GB of RAM or greater
  • Integrated Wireless 802.11 g (for laptops and tablets)
  • Vista Users: PeakPractice will function with Windows Vista 32 bit only. It will not fucntion with Vista Home, Home Premium, Windows 7 or 64 Bit.
Server System Requirements
  • Brand Name Server such as IBM, HP or Dell with 24x7 support is recommended
  • Quad Core 2.66 GHz or Xeon 2.66 Xeon 2.66 processor or higher
  • 4GB DDR RAM or higher
  • 2 Hard Drive: 32GB System Drive
  • 500GB Data Drive
  • Dual 1Gbps network Card
  • 1024x768 Video
  • CD-RW/DVD ROM Drive
  • Tested Backup System
  • 1500VA+ UPS Batter
  • Antivirus Solution
  • Server Software:
    • Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition 32-bit
    • Microsoft SQL 2005 Standard or Enterprise Editions - CPU licenses recommended
    • Microsoft License agreements for OS and SQL (CAL's)
Network Components
  • High-Speed Broadband internet Access (256KB down and 128KB up minimum)
  • Static Public IP address
  • Domain Name
  • SSL Certificate - For HIPAA requirements
  • Internet Explorer: PeakPractice is not currently compatible with Internet Explorer 8. Please use Internet Explorer 7 if you are using or interested in PeakPractice.
  • Any local or network printer with a PCL 6 compatible driver
  • Scanners must use a Twain compatible driver
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